Health &Well-Being

Our Goal: Support and provide programs that promote public health, healthy living, and physical and mental well-being for all residents of all ages of Monroe County.

Our call to action was very apparent when we learned that Michigan ranks 16th in the nation for drug poisoning deaths and Monroe County ranks within the top 11 in the counties for opioid mortality rates and within the top eight counties for heroin mortality rates (MDHHS). Consequently, we collaborated with Catholic Charities and ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital to establish the St. Joseph Center of Hope on the ProMedica campus.

St. Joseph center of hope

$120,000 to Catholic Charities of SE MI for St. Joseph Center of Hope

Our investment of $120,000 made this crisis intervention facility possible. They provide a supervised and supportive setting for individuals with substance use and co-occurring disorders as an alternative to emergency care and or jail setting. The Center is aimed at clients who require observation for safety in an appropriate setting because of an overdose and or dangerous behaviors associated with substance use. It is a safe and clean, welcoming environment where clients can stabilize while being provided with assistance to enter a treatment program.

Tele-health opportunities

Access to Additional Medical Help

When we learned of the correlation between absenteeism and poor academic performance, we knew we had to do something about it. This brought on our investment of $100,000 in tele-health technology in Monroe Public Schools. Absenteeism was at a record high, where more than 22% of Arborwood Elementary School students were reported chronic absentees. District leaders said the rate increased due to the lack of accessible medical care, especially during the cold and flu season. With the new system, an elementary student who is not feeling well can see a trained staff member and access a district school nurse or health liaison vie a telehealth kiosk.

Health & Well-Being Initiatives

International Wildlife Refuge Alliance connects youth to nature

International Wildlife Refuge Alliance received $5,500 for a graphic element trailer wrap from the Kellogg Youth Fund and the Salow Family Endowment.  The purpose of this grant is to connect youth to nature by exposing them to wildlife dependent recreation by bringing...

Striving for Strands

Children with Hair Loss received $5,000.00 for Striving for Strands program specifically cranial hair prosthesis kits for Monroe County residents living with medically related hair loss.   Funds were made available from the Kellogg Youth Fund.