Together We Are Stronger


Making Monroe County a better place isn’t a one-person or a one agency job. It takes a team of people bringing passion and hard work to philanthropic projects. For many years the Community Foundation of Monroe County (CFMC) in partnership with our affiliate, Greater Milan Area Community Foundation (GMACF) has been doing just that.

Now, we aim to be even stronger together by aligning expertise, technology, and resources. This new collaboration ensures Milan residents continued access to not only the local Milan resources previously provided by GMACF but the broader county-wide access to grants, scholarships, and other resources as well. The community will now have access to a more expansive set of grants, scholarships, and funds to support Milan.

We recognize the importance of supporting the key community needs of education, health and well-being, and community enrichment. We mutually believe in empowering all Monroe County residents to invest in a better future for our communities.

Going forward, you will see the CFMC brand in all future outreach and support efforts. We look forward to a vibrant county where everyone has a chance to thrive!

Kathy Russeau
Executive Director