How to Set Up a Fund

The Community Foundation exists to help caring people like you give back to the causes and community you care about most. We make giving easy and effective and can establish your fund in five simple steps:

  • Choose your passion

    Do you want to impact students’ education? Increase our community’s health? Nurture the arts? We will work with you to define the purpose of your fund.

  • Choose when to give

    Do you want to establish a fund today so you can witness its impact during your lifetime? Would you prefer to defer your gift through a will or other planned giving option?  Our expert staff works with you and/or your professional advisor to determine how you can best achieve your charitable goals while meeting your financial needs.

  • Choose what to give

    You can give cash, stocks, property, bequests or a variety of other assets.

  • Choose a type of fund

    The Community Foundation offers various types of funds to help you fulfill your goals: unrestricted, field of interest, designated, donor-advised and scholarship. Each provides different degrees of participation and flexibility, but all allow you to partner with the Community Foundation to create greater good together. Designated funds—Used to support one or more specific designated charities in the supported region. Field of interest funds—Used for particular issues, such as the environment or health care. Scholarship funds—Used to support the education of students who meet certain criteria. Unrestricted funds—Used to meet a community’s unexpected needs such as opioid addiction or natural disaster relief. Donor Advised Fund - Used to benefit particular charitable communities needs as suggested by the donor (family).

  • Establish your legacy

    The Community Foundation will walk you through the necessary paperwork to complete the creation of your fund and explain the investment and spending policies and other pertinent processes.  You’ll finalize any initial gifts to your fund and confirm your investment in the future of the community you love.

Need Something?

Contact our staff and we would be happy to help you out.

Kathleen Russeau

Executive Director

(734) 242-1976

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Accounting and Communication Specialist

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